Politics and Faith

Once again the faith of Mr Romney, Mormon and two Catholics Mr GIingrich and Mr Santorum are open  to discussion. The root difficulty is that Mormonism is suspect as a faith group and an old bias in the English-speaking world is that Catholics are told how to vote by the Pope, and in nrecent decades by their national bishops conferences whose moral authority has increased since their reformed structure after the Vatican Council. There are two principles. The US Preamble endorses the Natural Law that the Creator has given humans inaleinable rights. They are not subject to the whim of King,  Supreme Court President or Parliament/Legistature. (2) Applying those principles is a tough “rubber meets road” choice to bring justice and  offer and protect the  rights to promote and defend the common good.  There is a constitutional ban on any religious faith or belief system test, therefore a Mormon and a Catholic or a vaguely “Christian” candidate or incumbent are judged..on their actual values or records not on their Church’s or denomination’s stance. Practical applications about how much tax and for whom and how much public assistance to the vulnerable, and whether to start unwinnable wars are made in the concrete by active citizens, including Mormon Prophets and Catholic cardinals in their own consceinces informed by educated study.  Their  groups’ religious belief system is in and of itself irrelevant and an unconstitutional consideration.


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